Your first day

During your first day, we will help you set essential things up as well as answer any questions you may have. There are a few things that we need to arrange during your first day:

  1. Sign contracts: There are always 2 versions, an English one, and a Czech one. Please, read them carefully before you sign as you are responsible for their content!
  2. Get comfortable at your desk: Boot up your new computer and plug-in your peripherals.
  3. Rummage through your welcome package: Apart from our stylish merch and a printed version of this handbook, you will also receive 2 keys.
  4. Access to crucial services: One of our team members will help you set your work email as well as all necessary accounts up.
  5. Tour the office and meet the team: HR will take you on an adventure around the office, show you the coffee shrine, and make you shake hands with your new colleagues. If you get everyone's name right the first time, you will earn our respect.
  6. Work agenda: Your team leader will give you an insight into your work responsibilities and tasks.

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