Friday Lunch

Usually it takes place in the meeting room once every two weeks on Friday at 1PM.

This is an event where we eat lunch together and listen to talks from different team members. The speaker should always put an effort into making the presentation exciting for everyone else. There may be more than one presentation, but the duration of the entire event is usually around 1 hour.

Examples of presentation topics:

New features/product demo

The app, backend, and rendering team should share a demo of a finished feature/product that was built during their most recent sprint.

Marketing reports

The marketing team should share a finished campaign which they’re about to launch. They can also share a report of an ongoing or a finished campaign and things they've learned.

Customer support report

The customer support team should share a summary of valuable product feedback from our customers and key metrics once a month at one of the Friday lunches.

All hands meeting

Once a month our CEO usually talks about things that we don’t talk about that often. It should always start with a short talk and end with a discussion. This event can also include a short Q&A, where anyone can ask anything. For instance, we can talk about company roadmap, working in our office or planning/review, for instance.

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