Office manual

First in office

  1. Turn on the Avocode neon in the lobby
  2. Stretch yourself
  3. Make some breakfast
  4. Drink a cup of coffee or tea

Last in office

  1. Check all windows if they are closed
  2. Check if all lights are switched off
  3. Lock the door on our floor
  4. Lock the front door if you are leaving last from building after 7 pm

When we run out of something

Contact our Office Manager to help.


There is a printer (Konica Minolta), which is situated in the Manager's office. Please, use monochromatic print as default and color print only when you really need it.

Office supply

We totally understand that a faulty writing tool is like warm beer or cold sausages. Fortunately, you can find wonderful pens, pencils, scissors, a box with paper, etc. in every room.


Since we love music, good sound system is essential. Thus, there is a SONOS speaker in each office room. You can easily download the SONOS app or you just need to have the Spotify app. Then, pick up the SONOS for a particular room and enjoy the sound of DISCO!

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