Games & drinks

Obviously, as true hipsters, we love things like Mate so feel free to refresh yourselves with as many bottles as you can bear. If you are not caffeine friendly, choose from several bio limos.

Don’t forget to put new bottle of drink in the fridge when you remove one from the drawer.

Presumably, you have noticed that there is a tap located next to the sink. Occasionally, you can find beer, cider, or anything else you can put on tap (e.g. Malinovka).

Game zone (in progress)

Coming soon but in the mean time you can enjoy games in our small meeting room if there is no scheduled meetings.

This is a perfect chill after lunch, when your stomach is completely repleted. Here you can find a big TV and Xbox with various games like FIFA or NHL. If you have a game, which you want to play on Xbox, do not hesitate to contact our Office Manager. Once you try it you’re never gonna get up again.

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