An integral part of the Avocode culture are events, company trips, and meetups! Avocode loves to have fun and it pervades every aspect of an Avocoder’s life. At their core, our events are all about giving everybody a shared and memorable experience that will connect them to the company and to each other in new ways.

Company retreats

If you are a fan of team building, you will be pleased to know we have them too. In fact, you are going to love them! We toughen our team spirit on collective vacations and adventures as well as parties. For instance, we have already been to Sardinia, Austria, San Francisco, London, Lisbon, and Slovenia. So, be fully prepared for hiking, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, rafting, experiencing and adventuring with us.

Christmas and B-day parties

During Christmas we participate in a collective cooking course. This is a lot of fun; food and drinks, especially wine, will definitely be consumed. The main challenge is how to combine drinking with proper cooking. Some of us are still mastering this skill!

In addition, we want to make you happy on your birthday and show our appreciation of having you as a part of our team! Thus, we got used to preparing a little party for your special day. You will also be able to give and get awesome gifts. There is a possibility to contribute with voluntary amount of money to gifts.


Besides everything else, Avocode is very proactive in organizing various events and meetups for the design and development community. Most of them are located in our main room in our office. Therefore, we use a Google calendar for scheduling all events, which are organized in our office.

Also, there is a space to arrange your own event. Just let our Office Manager know to help you organize your happening.

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