The purpose of the benefits is to take care of you and make Avocode the best place to work at in the world. It’s not just a company retreat or events. We offer all the normal benefits you’d expect from a much bigger (corporate) organization and we are continually evolving them. So, if there’s something we can provide that will make your life better, we want to hear about it! We also want to know when a benefit is not working for you.

Here is a list of benefits that you can enjoy now that you’re an Avocoder:


Here at Avocode, we try to get around with personal responsibility of paying some of your bills. For instance, your cell phone. Therefore, you are very welcome to enjoy T-mobile business profile, where we can offer you unlimited calls, unlimited messages and 10 GB of mobile data every month.

Multisport card

Avocode wants you to keep in a good shape. Therefore, we cover fitness needs (you will contribute 300 CZK each month) with Multisport card, which allows you to choose from many sports and relaxation centres in several Czech cities. Most sport and fitness institution provide a one lesson/hour entrance per day to any Multisport card owner.


If you commute to work by subway, trams or buses, we will fully reimburse your yearly public transportation pass. However, we understand that public transport can be sometimes annoying and often isn't the fastest way to go places. Therefore, you can choose between the public transportation pass reimbursement or a business Uber profile with 300 Kč monthly credit for your rides.


Avocoders are intellectually curious. So, we love to learn! That’s why we support you in your idea how to improve your brain as well as ours, both in your job and overall. We are happy to contribute to you financially or however to any lecture, conference, language school, or meetup. All you need to do is to discuss it with your team leader. Also, Avocode can arrange lots of interesting and helpful meetups, where you can enhance your skills as well as stimulate your mind.


As a member of the Avocode family, we would like to financially contribute to a situation where you need something (equipment, license, etc.) that could potentially make your work better, as well as you happier. Just ask your team leader and once you get all necessary approvals, our Office Manager will take care of the purchase. Please note that whenever you are buying something for the office, please keep your receipt and deliver it to our Office Manager. Then they can reimburse your purchase.

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