Everyone here, including you, is an incredible, unique human being, who represents a particular piece of Avocode as a whole.

In each team, there is a leader, who is responsible for managing and directing all the work, as well as projects for a particular crew.

Currently, we consist of 3 teams:

  • Operations - Vu Hoang Anh
  • Marketing - Martin Ďuriš
  • Product - Petr Brzek
  • Technology - Tomáš Rychlik

The following overview should help you get acquainted with the management team:

  • Vu Hoang Anh - Founder & CEO
  • Martin Ďuriš - Founder & Head of Marketing
  • Petr Brzek - Founder & Head of Product
  • Tomáš Rychlik - Head of Technology
  • Nicole Brišová - Office & Operations Manager

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