Our mission is to deliver the best and the fastest solution for teams of designers and developers to collaborate on amazing web and mobile products.

Culture and core values

Work smarter, not harder

We value results over working extra hours

We always focus on solving the biggest problems first. We spend most of our time on things that are most useful to our customers and our business.

We focus on customer delight

Remember that we started this company to solve our own problems. Therefore we should always ask, what is in it for the customer. Beautiful code doesn’t matter if it doesn’t bring any value to the customer.

We trust data over opinions

Debates should be won with reasonable arguments based on valid data, not bigger job titles or louder opinions. We can’t improve what we can’t measure.

Stay hungry for knowledge

We fail fast to learn more

We prefer finding out early on if something works or not. That’s why we often prototype, iterate, and experiment.

We listen first

Listening first helps us with fully understanding the other side. We apply that both in our team and also when we are talking to our customers.

We help each other succeed

The team is only as strong as the weakest link. That’s why we believe it’s important to share our knowledge across the team.

Always hustle

We fake it until we make it

We always try to find a way to get things done. Even if it means going the extra mile or getting creative with our solutions.

We are risk-friendly

We’re willing to take a risk to achieve exceptional outcomes. It's OK to fail. We learn from our mistakes and we'll do better next time.

Be mega cool

We enjoy the ride

We believe that work should be fun and we aim to build a friendly spirit in our team. Sometimes we chill, surf, ski or even cook together instead of work.

We share things openly

We make almost all the information available to everyone in the company. We protect information only when it’s legally required or it’s not ours to share.

We are humble and nice

We are confident and proud of great work. But we’re always self-critical and never arrogant.

We care about character not background

No matter where you’re from, whom you love, or what hair color you have – the only thing that matters is your contribution to our team and culture.

Take responsibility

We use good judgment

We don’t have a policy for taking home office, going on vacation, or taking a sick day. We just use our good judgment.

We don’t micromanage

We provide a supportive and open environment so you have the ability to find your own way in contributing to the team.

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